Striling engine technology centre in St. Marienkirchen, Austria

Our Team

The greatest objective of our corporate management is to support our employees with trust and support in order to overcome the challenges in the sense of sustainable research results.

We are convinced that this management style significantly contributes to our success in the context of the extremely complex matter. Developing knowledge in the form of well-maintained innovation management and promoting professional training are essential elements for rapid progress in the development of our products.

Ideally equipped workstations taking special consideration for safety and ergonomics form an environment, in which the staff feel comfortable and are capable of developing a familiar sense of belonging.

Stirling engine team frauscher thermal motors

frauscher thermal motors GmbH
Gewerbestraße 7
4774 St. Marienkirchen
Phone: +43 7711 318 20-0

Business hours:
Monday to Thursday: 07:00 – 11:45 and 12:30 – 16.30

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