16. May 2019

Frauscher exhibition car is ready

A complete Stirling CHP unit built on a Trailer is available to us for the purposes of external testing as well as for fairs and exhibitions. The mobile CHP can be equipped with either a Frauscher alphagamma® Stirling Type G600i or G600a and includes gas filter, gas control system and optional a liquefied petroleum gas supply for demonstrations.

In the case of external tests, the focus is on applications of sewage gas, agricultural biogas and landfill gas. Noteworthy is the suitability for lean gases with a methane content of well below 20%. Especially in such applications, the new burner technology scores since such a lean gas in gasoline engines or in igniting beam engine can no longer be processed. The advantage of the Frauscher alphagamma® engines is also evident in terms of noise development: despite the fact that no sound absorption measures are used, operating noise is barely noticeable at a distance of several meters from the trailer.

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