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Frauscher alphagamma® technology
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Stirling engine with alphagamma® technology:
pure energy paired with environmental benefits

Our Stirling engine with the new alphagamma® technology represents a future technology that stands for an essential component of our climate goals.

When used as an auxiliary power unit, our technology maintains the on-board power supply in parked vehicles and avoids environmental pollution from engines running on the stand.

Another goal of our research and development is the low-maintenance use and disposal of greenhouse gases in lean gas CHPs.

alphagamma® technology by frauscher

Our alphagamma® technology is the result of 20 years of development and basic research on alpha, beta and gamma stirling engines. Our solution combines alpha and gamma stirling engines.

The advantages are revolutionary: severely reduced piston and bearing forces ensure an extremely long maintenance-free life.

Auxiliary power unit tops 40 Ampere

Auxiliary power unit tops 40 Ampere

On August 17, 2021, the research team from frauscher thermal motors celebrated a successful milestone: the prototype of an auxiliary power unit achieved a stable charging current of 40 amps on a truck battery set with a nominal voltage of 24 volts. This means a...

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New generation alphagamma® motors

New generation alphagamma® motors

In January 2018 we put the first prototypes of our alphagamma® motors in the 7.5 kW class into operation on our test benches. After a total of 29,000 hours of operating experience, both in internal test operations and in external practical use, we can now proudly...

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VERENA research award goes to Frauscher Thermal Motors

VERENA research award goes to Frauscher Thermal Motors

As part of the national innovation award ceremony, Verbund's General Director Dipl. Ing. Wolfgang Anzengruber, in the presence of Minister Dr. Margarete Schramböck handed over the special prize VERENA to the research company Frauscher Thermal Motors. The award is a...

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