The new generation of Stirling engines:

Frauscher alphagamma® technology
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Stirling engine technology:
pure energy paired with environmental benefits.

The actuations based on the Stirling principle represent a future technology that stands for an essential component of our climate goals. The low-maintenance use and disposal of climate-damaging gases are in focus.

alphagamma® technology by frauscher

Decades of development and basic research on alpha, beta and gamma stirling engines led
to a new process that combines alpha and gamma stirling engines.
The advantages are revolutionary: severely reduced piston and bearing forces ensure an extremely long maintenance-free life.

New lean gas record levels!

New lean gas record levels!

Methane is extremely damaging to the climate: The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has stated in its 5th Assessment Report AR5 that, within an observation period of 20 years, methane has an 84 times higher global warming potential (GWP) compared to...

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First external testing completed successfully

First external testing completed successfully

The Reinhalteverband Schärding/Inn kindly provided us a sewage gas connection and we were able to set up our mobile Stirling CHP right next to the company building for a test period of 4 weeks. The main goal of the trial was to determine the behaviour of the burner,...

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