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Research on new generations of Stirling engines poses profound and technically broadly diversified challenges to our staff.

Alone the field of mechanical engineering – with its specialised areas of strength, mass balance, tribology, plastics technology, bonding and joining techniques, as well as vacuum and high-temperature technology – sets enormous requirements for precision and quality.

In dealing with combustible gases and industrial gases as well as in burner technology, even we are required to venture into new areas of technology and to conduct basic research.

In particular, our aim is not only to comply with officially prescribed limit values of the pollutants in exhaust gases, but to substantially undercut them to the extent possible.

In the course of our research, we succeeded in the development of the unique and patented alphagamma® technology, which forms the basis for low wear, high rates of efficiency and little costs of production.


Our Research Projects

Our Research Facilities

Our sustainable company philosophy requires extremely self-critical behaviour prior to launching our products onto the market. We demonstrate this in the form of high expenditures for personnel and research facilities.

Our technology centre, which is built exclusively for Stirling engine research, is equipped with modern production machines and test stands.

The technology centre, finished in mid-2017, reflects our awareness even in its design and its building technology – using state of the art technology for energy conservation and utilising free energy in the context of protecting our environment.


Our technology centre is equipped with:

  • Bright, ergonomically-designed workstations
  • State of the art machinery
  • Vacuum high-temperature soldering technology
  • Test stands with extensive measurement technology
  • Use of test stand energy in our building technology
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