Stirling engine research and development projects


DURATION 2016-2020

This research project includes the development of an efficient burner for lean gas with particular consideration of emissions along with a power-upgrade of the already developed A600 Stirling engine.

The project has already led to substantial innovations, for example the invention of the alphagamma® technology and a novel nozzle mixing matrix burner for weak and problem gases with excellent emissions.

The project came to an extremely successful completion at the end of January 2020. The performance of the new CHP unit scores with several record values, which in total represent a new quality in Stirling engine technology.



  • Overall electrical efficiency (LHV): 31% in natural gas operation
  • Cleanest exhaust gases, far below the legal limits
  • No exhaust gas aftertreatment required
  • Formaldehyde and methane slip below the detection limit
  • Suitable for extreme lean gas from 14% methane content
  • Tested with natural gas, sewage gas, agricultural biogas, landfill gas, synthetic lean gas
  • Dry running: no oil change required
  • 14.000 hours experience on test stand and external operations

Test documents of BEST Bioenergy/Wieselburg:

Trailer including CHP Stirling engine

Exhibition Trailer equipped with a combined heat and power Stirling engine for fares and external tests

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