Biomass gasifier Burner for a Stirling-CHP Duration

With the start of the project in October 2018 the entry into an exciting research project took place, which is co-financed by the European Fund for Regional Development and the State of Upper Austria. It is a compact wood carburetor burner for pellets and wood chips, operated with our alphagamma® engines.

Since the Stirling engines can add the hot wood gas directly to the combustion, it can be expected that the process steps gas cooling and tar condensation are unnecessary. Along with this, the system costs and the maintenance costs of the wood gas CHP are reduced.

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Research Project “Bio Waste Stirling” Duration 2017-2020

In partnership with the chair of FAU Erlangen and the municipal utility of Wunsiedel, a fluidised bed combustion was developed for the thermal utilisation of different biogenic residues (e.g. hay and straw pellets, pressed fermentation residues and sewage sludge pellets). For this purpose, an A600 alpha engine was equipped with a heat exchanger designed specifically for fluidised bed applications. The system is still in test operation but it has been demonstrating an extremely satisfactory performance since the beginning.

FFG Project “Ready-to-connect Lean-Gas CHP” Duration 2016-2019

This research project includes the development of an efficient burner for lean gas with particular consideration of emissions along with a power-upgrade of the already developed A600 Stirling module. The still ongoing project has already led to substantial innovations, for example the invention of the alphagamma® technology and a novel nozzle mixing matrix burner for weak and problem gases with excellent emissions.

The project came to an extremely successful completion at the end of January 2020. The performance of the new CHP unit scores with several record values, which in total represent a new quality in Stirling engine technology.

Here are the results:

  • Overall electrical efficiency (LHV): 31% in natural gas operation
  • Cleanest exhaust gases, far below the legal limits
  • No exhaust gas aftertreatment required
  • Formaldehyde and methane slip below the detection limit
  • Suitable for extreme lean gas from 14% methane content
  • Tested with natural gas, sewage gas, agricultural biogas, landfill gas, synthetic lean gas
  • Dry running: no oil change required
  • 14000 hours of test stand experience

Take a look at the test documents of BEST Bioenergy/Wieselburg:

FFG Research Project “Stirbio” Duration 2013-2016

In partnership with a biomass boiler manufacturer, a research institution named Bioenergy 2020+ from Wieselburg, as well as the University of Vienna, a project of a small CHP spread out over 3 years was completed with outstanding success. Using a modified pellet biomass boiler from a commercial series, an A600 Stirling engine was integrated into the hot combustion gas stream on its upper side. With the help of CFD simulation, the combustion process and the heat transfer was improved and practically implemented. A significant focus was placed on determining the impact of ash deposits on various heat exchanger designs with respect to output losses. With a clean heat exchanger, an electrical output of 5 kWel and an overall electrical efficiency (lower heating value fuel to electrical output) of 15% could be achieved, which is astonishing for this class.

FFG Project “Development of economical, high efficient Exchangers” Duration 2013-2019

In the course of this project, we learned how to manufacture the cooler, regenerator, and heat exchanger. The investment in a vacuum soldering oven assisted us considerably during development, which ultimately culminated in a reliable production process.

FFG Project “Stirling Engine” Duration 2002-2008

In this project, the development of an innovative Stirling engine was funded by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency. In the course of the project, a learning process of an unforeseeable scope was initiated. Nevertheless, the project ended in a first operable engine with the internal designation T350.

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