Stirling engine research and development projects


DURATION 2013-2016

In partnership with a biomass boiler manufacturer, a research institution named Bioenergy 2020+ from Wieselburg, as well as the University of Vienna, a project of a small CHP spread out over three years was completed with success.

Using a modified pellet biomass boiler from a commercial series, an A600 Stirling engine was integrated into the hot combustion gas stream on its upper side.

With the help of CFD simulation, the combustion process and the heat transfer was improved and practically implemented.

A significant focus was placed on determining the impact of ash deposits on various heat exchanger designs with respect to output losses.

With a clean heat exchanger, an electrical output of 5 kWel and an overall electrical efficiency (lower heating value fuel to electrical output) of 15% could be achieved, which is astonishing for this class.

StirBio Stirling Motor Engine frauscher thermal motors

Small CHP with Stirling engine A600

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