20. December 2021

Stirlinge engine with high power density

Our engine designer Philip Schier, BSc. proudly presents the new crankcase of the MobilGen™ G70 with multifunctional properties. This high-pressure-resistant part includes the bearing of the crankshaft, the mounting of the cylinders, the generator as well as the buffer volume for the working gas within one component.

The weight-optimized design ensures a record value in terms of power density: The weight calculation of the complete unit results in less than 30 kg at a shaft power of 1.25 kW.

We are planning to install the new Stirling engine in a near-series unit, together with powerful starter batteries as a functional model for future on-board power supplies. The low operating noise together with sufficient energy supply for the parking air conditioning system or for the auxiliary heating is the basis of a new quality for the drivers of vehicles with hotel-function.

Header picture: frauscher thermal motors

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