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The range of application of Stirling engines is mainly determined by their characteristics. When comparing them with internal combustion engines, the first impression is that spark-ignition gasoline engines and Diesel engines with high dynamics score points in torque output and RPMs. Additionally, they offer a low power-weight ratio and low specific investment costs.

By contrast, the main advantages of our alphagamma® engines reside in their low maintenance requirements and their easily controllable exhaust gas quality. Due to its completely encapsulated design, neither fuel nor combustions air can penetrate into the engine. Precisely these advantages make these engines stand out as long-term performers that are suitable for alternative fuels. One field in which these engines offer particularly cost-efficient deployment is in combined heat and power (CHP) plants, e.g. as engine-based co-generators.

We identified another market niche in the field of power-generating auxiliary heating systems for trucks, campers, and yachts, where reliability, low maintenance, low-noise operation, and excellent exhaust gas quality are key criteria for market acceptance.

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