Test series conducted on our test stands for many years have allowed a system of interconnected technologies to mature, which scores points today with highly efficient and absolutely maintenance-free engines. In addition, we have learned to design combustion technology in combination with heat supply into the engine in a way that easily permits complying with the limits set by official exhaust gas regulations.

The logical next step is to weight-optimised alphagamma® engines to further improve the efficiency of heavy Diesel engines, for example by using exhaust gas energy or by using power-generating Diesel parking heaters that can also be used to cool the driver cabin during the hot season. The charging of the on-board battery by idling the main diesel engine is therefore avoidable, along with a drastic reduction in energy consumption and the exhaust and noise pollution.

The basic technology we have developed provides the foundation for further development and applications in traffic and transportation. It seems particularly plausible to expand the thermodynamic possibilities of the Stirling process to include applications that provide heating, cooling and electrical energy within a module.

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