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frauscher thermal motors has been researching and developing stirling engines according to the alpha, beta and gamma configuration since 2001. The result is a highly efficient Stirling engine: Our patented alphagamma® technology represents a unique combination of the alpha Stirling engine with the gamma Stirling engine.

Our Vision

Reducing resource waste and pollution based on highly advanced technology as the result of intensive research and development

Our Mission

Using special fuels of biogenic origin and waste heat to generate energy


Since 2001, we have been conducting research in the field of thermodynamic engines, particularly on Stirling engines of various designs. During this period, we have acquired extensive knowledge covering a broad range of that technology and those measures that support a rapid implementation of design studies in prototype manufacturing.

Advantages and disadvantages from the state of the art were analysed with seven operable prototypes in alpha, beta and gamma configuration and were verified on the test stand.

We recorded our first successes with the development of an optimized alpha Stirling engine. The unit with an integrated generator reached a power of 5 kWel (see details for prototype A600). The engine is released for R&D operations and has proven itself in numerous operations. Furthermore, we are working on new burner solutions promising excellent exhaust gas qualities.

In the course of our research, we succeeded in the development of a technical principle in order to dramatically reduce the piston forces of Stirling engines. We called it alphagamma® technology.

Our alphagamma® technology forms the basis for low wear, high rates of efficiency and little costs of production.

The new technology promises a breakthrough for the design of new Stirling engines. The results have been proven on test stands and in numerous practical operations. Moreover, our test results have been verified by scientific reviews from highly-reputed academics at the universities of Reutlingen and Auckland.

With the development of alphagamma® engines, we have established a solid basic technology for the efficient conversion of thermal energy into mechanical energy. Furthermore, our technology opens a broad range of solutions using heat sources for the expansion of combined heat and power units (CHP) ready for installation.

In accordance with our company philosophy, energy saving and the protection of the environment are in the foreground.

We are focusing on the following projects:

  • Development – lean gas CHP: Use of sewage gas, landfill gas or other lean gas
  • Solid biomass: Heat generation through gasification and combustion of primarily wood and wood waste
  • Adoption of the heat input of fluidised bed combustion for flammable solid biomass, e.g. sewage sludge pellets
  • Implementation of the alphagamma® technology in small engines, e. g. auxiliary power units
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