Lean Gas CHP

For well over a century now, humans have been using internal combustion engines. Without any doubt, Otto- and Diesel engines have contributed substantially to the generally greatest advance in the standard of living in the recent history of industrialisation.

However, engine technology with internal combustion will reach its limits if the quality of the fuels doesn´t match the requirements of the engine. The technology restricts the scope of application of the enginces largely to the use of highly prcessed fuels.

In the course of pleasing and ever-increasing environmental awareness, the topics of exhaust gas quality and the use of biogenic fuels have recently come into focus. It is well known that combustion under atmospheric conditions offers the best conditions for high exhaust gas quality.

The possibility of using low-cost fuels with manageable cleaning and processing effort opens up a market niche with the highest environmental relevance: the clean use and disposal of methane-containing gases or other waste fuels of biogenic origin, along with the generation of valuable energy in the form of electricity and low-temperature heat. Our future operations are aimed in particular at sewage gases, landfill gases, agricultural biogases, pyrolysis gases and wood gases.

We see a very promising market niche in extreme lean gases, which ensure stable operation of the machine up to a minimum methane content of 14%. By admixing raw gas, waste gases can therfore be disposed economically, which still contain significantly less methane, for example methane slip in the course of the production of biomethane.

Convince yourself of the excellent results that we have achieved in the course of our research project Lean Gas CHP.

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